Elegant homes on the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Andrássy Avenue with a fantastic view of the city

35% of the project was sold.

Due to its unique geographical and historical features and the spectacular economic prosperity of recent years, Budapest is a favorite city for those who love exclusive living.

The A53 apartments are built in a central location, directly on the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Andrássy Avenue.

The apartments have a rooftop design with panoramic views of the Buda hills and many of Pest’s architectural sights.

The immediate neighborhood of Oktogon, with its unique infrastructure and public transport connections, offers a particularly diverse range of options for prospective residents.

After refurbishment of the attic of the Andrássy Street patio building, four exclusive apartments were designed on the basis of the latest architectural trends and the highest standards of modern interior design.

The apartments have their own custom-made dwelling interiors and practical, yet stylish living spaces that are ideal for people looking for homes near the city center.

The roof terrace offers a wonderful view of the Buda Castle and the Buda Hills.

The A53’s rooftop luxury apartments are built with high-quality materials in the spirit of energy-conscious architecture.

1. Penthouse apartment


net living area of 143 m2


gross terrace of 29 m2


gross floor area of 224 m2

2. Penthouse apartment


a net living area of 147 m2


gross terrace of 27,5 m2


gross floor area of 249,5 m2

3. Superior apartment


net living area of 91,5 m2


gross terrace of 22,5 m2


gross floor area of 149 m2

4. Studio apartment


living area of 64 m2


gross terrace of 10 m2


gross floor area of 114 m2

As part of the project, both the exterior and interior facades have been renovated, so the building regained its original beauty.

Why to choose A53?

Close to attractions: Heroes’ Square, Opera, Oktogon, Grand Boulevard and the proximity of downtown are unquestionable, either on their own or as an investment in an apartment.

Exclusive location thanks to few downtown developments, especially in the luxury offered.

High-end-quality built materials, power-saving design and implementation.

Smart home design.

BBQ, relaxation, stunning view from the roof, not only from the terrace, from the windows to the picturesque view of the Buda hills.

There are countless shopping and entertainment opportunities at the meeting of Andrássy út and Nagykörút.

The comfort of everyday life and the care of practical tasks are provided by excellent educational institutions, besides shops, banks and quality services are also in the neighborhood.

Whether you are looking for an apartment on your own or as an investment – the A53 project is your ideal choice.

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