Elegant homes on the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Andrássy Avenue with a fantastic view of the city

1. Penthouse apartment

m2 net living area

m2 gross terrace

EUR Price

Household room: 3,06 m2

Lobby: 3,86 m2

Bathroom: 4,01 m2

Corridor: 12,25 m2

Bedroom + bathroom: 27,24 m2

Bedroom: 12,99 m2

Bedroom: 15,06 m2

Kitchen + dining room: 13,22 m2

Living room: 48,96 m2

Store-room: 2,58 m2

Total: 143 m2

Architecture, Statics
Reinforced-concrete structures: reinforced according to static plans, C35-16 kk concrete quality
Apartment partition walls: 2 x 20 cm YTONG masonry with 15 cm rock wool insulation
Partition walls inside the apartment: 12.5 cm YTONG partition wall or plasterboard wall on both sides with two layers of plasterboard with sound insulation
Roof structure: Fibre cement and corrugated aluminium roofing on traditional carpentry
Roof-plane thermal insulation: 25 cm thick rock wool insulation, 2 x 15 mm thick fire-resistant plasterboard suspended ceiling

Interior Architectural Finishing Work
Based on the interior architectural and design plans, in consultation with Customer

Doors and Windows
Windows, portals and balcony doors: minimum 5-chamber aluminium doors with 3 layers of insulated reflective glazing
Roof-plane windows: Aluminium structure, motorized and fixed windows of security glazing with 3 layers of thermal insulation and reflection protection against sunlight.
The roof windows shall have internal sunshades with automatic move
Home entrance doors: 5-point security entrance door
Home interior doors based on interior architectural and design plans, in consultation with Customer

Building Engineering
Heating-refrigeration, heat production: air/water heat pump, indirect DHW storage
Interior heating and cooling system: underfloor heating and ceiling cooling and heating
Possible temperature control per room
Ventilation: fans for rooms with no natural ventilation

Electric Works
Heat pump: 1×40 Panasonic all-in one “H” tariff meter
Electrical Works: Individual electricity meters per home. (3×20 A)
Telephone, IT and TV access piping and wiring according to Customer demand
The kitchen furniture is fully prepared including Bosch or Miele or Teka machines
Alarm system installation
Smart home system implementation, refrigeration-heating, roof window movement, shading, lighting, alarm system control
Installation of fire alarm system on request

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